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Tartar-Defense Spray


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Quick Overview


  • Product Description
    • Tartar-Defense Spray for Dogs is a veterinary formulated, all natural dental spray that removes plaque and tartar. It mixes safely with saliva to coat teeth and gums to reduce bacteria that promotes plaque and tartar buildup. A convenient spray application makes it easy to keep your pet's teeth clean and bright while maintaining fresh and lovable breath.

      Directions for Use: Gently pull back lips and cheeks and spray directly on the largest area of tartar. Use twice daily initially, especially if there is a heavy tartar build-up or red, inflamed gums. Otherwise, apply once daily for moderate buildups. For best results, withhold food and water 30 minutes before and after applications.

  • Ingredients
    • Ingredients:
      Water, Grain Alcohol, Peppermint Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Rosemary Oil, Thyme Oil, Neem Oil.
  • Key Components
    • Grain alcohol softens plaque and tartar. 
      Grapefruit seed extract provides antioxidants that help reduce inflammation.
      Rosemary oil has astringent and antibacterial properties that help keep gums and teeth healthy.
      Neem oil helps reduce microbial plaque.
      Thyme oil has antibacterial properties to prevent bad breath and plaque.
  • Best Use
    • For removal of plaque and tartar.
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