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Manna Pro Products


Manna Pro Products, LLC, a manufacturer and marketer of animal nutrition and care products with deep roots in the feed industries, is expanded its small/companion animal business through the purchase of assets relating to the Nutri-Vet® brand. These and other leading brands are part of Manna Pro’s Pet Care/Companion Animal business and run as a separate entity under the name of Nutri-Vet Wellness, LLC.


About Manna Pro

Manna Pro Products produces high-quality animal nutrition and care products for a broad range of animals. Its largest group of products is associated with horses, but the company also produces feed for backyard poultry and goats, rabbits, cattle, pigs and companion animals. Manna Pro’s product lines primarily serve the “lifestyle farmer” market – people who own acreage with farm animals, and operate their farms as a hobby rather than a business. The company’s flagship product – Calf-Manna® – has been a staple of animal owners for more than 80 years.


About Nutri-Vet

The Nutri-Vet brand was founded in 1998 and is sold through a variety of channels including Pet Specialty, Farm & Home, Hardware, catalogue and e-commerce. 



For more information, visit www.mannapro.com