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Bladder Control Chewables

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Quick Overview


Nutri-Vet Bladder Control chewables for dogs contain a powerful combination of herbs and isoflavones that work together to help maintain bladder control and reduce urinary incontinence in spayed and elderly canines. Synergistic ingredients work together to help strengthen the bladder wall and facilitate bladder emptying.

Directions for Use: One (1) chewable per 25 lbs of body weight twice daily. Continue as needed.


Active Ingredients per Chewable:
Pumpkin Seed Powder – 125 mg
Rehmannia Root – 120 mg
Wild Yam Extract – 100 mg
Soy Protein Concentrate – 40 mg
Saw Palmetto Extract – 30 mg
Cranberry Extract – 25 mg
Vitamin C – 20 mg

Inactive ingredients:  Cellulose, Liver Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Molasses (Sucrose), Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid.


Key Components -

Pumpkinseed helps strengthen bladder muscles and supports normal emptying of the bladder.


Rehmannia is an herb used for urinary incontinence.


Wild Yam provides phytoestrogens and helps relax urinary tract muscles.


Soy protein contains isoflavones that help maintain bladder muscle tone after spaying or associated with low estrogen levels of elderly dogs.



Saw Palmetto helps support bladder control and muscle tone.



Cranberry extract helps acidify urine.



Vitamin C is an antioxidant and immune modulator that helps support urinary tract health.




Best Use - For elderly spayed, incontinent dogs.